Drama at Harrow Bangkok is not about producing the next Zack Ephron or Nadech Kugimiya. Our aims are to;

  • provide a safe means of stimulating creativity in problem solving
  • challenge students’ perceptions about their world and about themselves
  • learn how to empathise with others and foster compassion
  • find and develop their own personal means of communication both verbal and kinaesthetic in order to make them feel more confident in their use of language and their own self–image
  • encourage an understanding of the skills required to collaborate with others
  • learn to tolerate ideas different from their own and fuse these together with innovative and imaginative responses to traditional academic texts and notions

These ideals are pursued both through the ‘core’ curriculum and our extra curricular programme.

The Drama Curriculum from Years 6 to 9 opens up a world of skills, styles and aesthetics from different cultures around the globe, including that of the North American Indians dance, European theatre and African dilemma tales. Students are asked to push their comfort zones intellectually and in performance with success measured not just by a final performance but by their ability to manage groups, manage themselves and manage challenging ideas. For those who are less stimulated by physical performance, design elements are also taught and students can contribute to performances made by their friends through, for example, set and costume design. These skills are the foundation for the GCSE and A Level courses.

The Co-curricular Programme is also based on the concept of challenging the students and giving everyone the opportunity to participate. As well as the performances given by Early Years and Pre Prep, the Upper School produces two major productions a year for Prep and Seniors respectively. This allows for all year groups to shine and not just be reduced to bit parts and chorus while the elder students get all the opportunities. Students are expected to approach the performances in a professional manner, directing scenes themselves before showing to staff and discussing changes that may need to be made before they are shown to an audience; students help design and build the sets and costumes and all the technical aspects of a performance are run by students; the texts each year are specially chosen to challenge the students with new difficulties so that rehearsals and performances become a learning curve rather than just a show piece for the School.

Drama is an important and exciting way to nurture creativity and creativity is at the centre of all the new innovations which our students, your children, will cultivate in the future.

Last updated: 15 Aug 2013 16:09