The Foundation English Programme is often a student’s first-step into Harrow Bangkok for students who need language support. The aim of the Foundation English Programme is to provide a framework where we ensure students have a strong enough base in the English language before attempting to study full-time in the mainstream classes. To provide the best support we can class sizes are small (usually between ten and fifteen) and we have a full-time Teacher Assistant in the class alongside the main English teacher.

Students study Maths, Thai language (or their native language), PE and drama and are in tutor groups. However, nearly all other lessons during the week are English lessons. Students also attend Saturday School and currently study Science during that time with a Teacher Assistant supporting alongside the main Science teacher.

Our aim is to develop skills in English as a priority but just like any Harrow Bangkok student we will also develop fundamental work habits, appropriate social behaviour, problem solving and decision making skills in line with our mission statement of Leadership for a better world. This is a year of important transitions, as well as one in which acquisition of new skills is accelerated. 


Last updated: 14 Oct 2015 10:37