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Sending a child to a boarding school is a huge decision for any parent and their child. At Harrow Bangkok, we are fully aware of the emotions involved in making the decision to study and live away from home. We work hard to ensure that all the students who we welcome into the family-run boarding establishment are happy, confident and secure. Our aim is to make every child feel that they are valued and living in a home from home.  

Set within a green and spacious campus, students find the Boarding Houses at Harrow Bangkok to be a safe and fun community with exceptionally high standards of behaviour that builds confidence as well as a healthy level of independence. For many, the boarding community becomes an extended family, not replacing home, but being a haven when home is not available. All our boarders are fully immersed in the Boarding House ethos which promotes the camaraderie of common experiences, friendship among peers, and a trust and openness with teachers and adults in the house.

It is our belief that boarding gives our students a foundation for future success. With a team of 14 boarding staff, we ensure it is our main priority to provide the best pastoral care for your child, ensuring each individual need is met. Communication is key in the running of the Houses and we invite parents to contact us anytime to discuss their child’s development. The Boarding Houses are a blend of different nationalities and this international environment adds to the warmth within each House, everyone is supported in their beliefs and encouraged to be sensitive to those around them.

Available to students who are in Years 5 through to Year 13, life in boarding provides fantastic opportunities for children to advance both academically and socially. Boarders are engaged in a wide range of after-school activities, as well as being provided with a well-structured study routine which allows them to complete homework. Our campus has tennis courts, a swimming pool, football pitches, gym, sports hall and library. All of these facilities are easily and safely accessible from our Houses and used by children under careful supervision. 

In order to provide a range of diverse opportunities for your children, boarders also join the frequent weekend trips provided off campus. Full boarders can enjoy shopping, cultural, arts and activity trips as well as support service projects to assist others, including: building houses for Habitat, undertaking rice cropping, donating motorcycle helmets to the local children or helping paint a school in northern Thailand.  Wherever your child’s interests lie, there will certainly be an activity for them to enjoy. It is our aim to ensure your child develops new interests and skills that will enable them to develop as individuals and prepare them for the wider world around them.

In addition, boarding at Harrow Bangkok gives students what they want, while experiencing the responsibility of appropriate independence. Living on campus provides a valuable opportunity to learn how to live amongst an extended peer group, and allows our staff to reinforce the many lessons of both school and life.  We believe that through the range of opportunities provided here, our Harrow Bangkok boarders become ‘Leaders for a better world’. We are proud of the academic achievements of our boarders, and it is no coincidence that four of the past six Head Boys and Head Girls were boarding students at Harrow Bangkok.

Tim McDonald

Director of Boarding




Last updated: 22 Sep 2017 10:18