From the Head of Girls

The Boarding Life is one I am happily familiar with, having started as a Boarder myself at the age of twelve at The Royal School in Surrey, UK.  My years as a Boarder were my most formative educationally and I have very fond memories of those times. I remember with privilege the many opportunities open to me to try out new things, develop lifelong friendships, become independent and take advantage of living within a supportive environment enabling me to perform well academically. 

Prior to starting my teaching career, I worked for Microsoft in the UK where I was involved in many exciting technological milestones and even managed to rub shoulders with Bill Gates on several occasions. After having my two children, I returned to education and graduated with a degree in Computing and Information Systems PGCE.  I then had the pleasure of teaching at Bede’s Senior School in East Sussex for fourteen years.  During my career at Bede’s I held a variety of roles, but undoubtedly the most significant and fulfilling were those as Tutor and Assistant Housemistress.  My experiences both as a Boarder myself and having worked within a Boarding School System for many years, has given me a real drive to provide the girls in my House with care, support, determination and a thirst to embrace any positive opportunity which presents itself.

Boarding at Harrow provides our girls with the opportunity to both focus on their academic studies, as well as participate in extra-curricular activities such as sport and the arts, without having to make compromises.

Our students are offered additional academic support during the week and they have an ideal environment to study independently.  Everyone is actively encouraged to participate in the House Voice, a student led series of committees, where the girls contribute to matters related to improving the Boarding experience. Committee members ranging from Year 6 through to Year 13 organise regular meetings to discuss issues such as weekend activities or peer support mentoring, with the aim of providing solutions that will benefit all those who live here.

If you were to open the door to the Girls’ Boarding House, you will find a happy and relaxed environment.  With a really homely feel, we are proud that we have a House where our girls feel safe, secure and supported to grow and develop into confident, independent-thinking individuals. Through living in a community, our girls build strong friendships, emotional resilience and embrace challenge.

Our philosophy is a holistic one, based firmly on the values of unconditional respect for each other and respect for ourselves. Our girls will leave Harrow Bangkok, empowered to lead and initiate change, for a better world.  We are confident that memories created in Boarding will be some of the most positive and fondly remembered.

Wendy Parry

Head of Girls



Last updated: 09 May 2016 15:20