From the Head of Junior Boys

I arrived at Harrow Bangkok in 2008 and worked as both Assistant House Master in boarding for two years and Head of Churchill House in the day school for six years. Previously, I was a Head of House at a South London comprehensive school.

In 2014 I re-joined the Boarding Team as both Director of Boarding and Head of the Boys House. Our Junior Boys House has residents from Year 5 to Year 9. It is important for younger boys to develop confidence, awareness of themselves and others and to foster the principles of honesty and ambition. Establishing good study habits early on ensures they are prepared for the standards expected at IGCSE, A-Level and beyond.

Physical fitness is another key to a healthy and happy life and by establishing strong foundations in the boys they will maintain this for life. Our 0 to 5K running programme ensures we are well prepared for the cross country race and all our boys learn to ride bikes as well as learning basic maintenance in addition to many other outdoor pursuits. Creativity is also fostered and through projects and activities. We aim to provide tangible results that hone their appreciation for the arts.

It is also important to establish principled and respectful appreciation of diversity and we seek to ensure our boys recognise the importance of nationality and race, gender and culture in shaping a rich community.

Boarding life demands rules and routines but we also recognise that this is not school but home. We also highly credit fun within an inclusive atmosphere. Standards of discipline are high but we recognise that young people can learn from making errors.

Prefect opportunities cultivate development and embody the ethos that we are creating ‘Leaders for a better world’. We seek to find, hone and enhance the individual qualities our boys have and we are proud of what they can achieve.

Tim McDonald

Head of Junior Boys


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