“Continuing to inspire development as an approachable integrated family of leaders for a better world” is this year’s Prefects’ ethos. Harrow Bangkok has always strived to encourage not only academic excellence, but also teamwork and leadership. We are honoured to share our experiences as part of the Harrow family, which has inspired and shaped us into the leaders we are today, and continuing to do so.

From being a member of the Harrow Bangkok community for a number of years, one thing is evidently apparent; everyone is encouraged to achieve their full potential whether it be in academics, sports, music or other fields. There is no shortage of support from teachers as well as from fellow students to strive for and to push towards potential goals. We strongly feel that as leaders of this year's Prefect Team we have been able to reflect upon ourselves and the school, as we learn to be compassionate and be the best that we can be.

Harrow Bangkok provides limitless opportunities, ranging from community services to young entrepreneurship, which all contribute to exposing us to real life experiences that extend beyond the academia found in textbooks - a vital part of what Harrow Bangkok stands for, “Leadership for a better world” - leadership with a voice, commitment and drive, whilst being humble and respectful.

High School is only a small chapter in life, but the Harrow experience has made it one we will never forget. It has prepared all of us well for what is to come, providing the essential atmosphere required to foster education, as John F Kennedy states, “ Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”



Last updated: 05 Oct 2016 12:52