The Harrow Bangkok Library consists of both resource collections and physical workspaces to cater for our large school population. In the library we believe that the development of literacy skills and the acquisition of knowledge are paramount to progress in education. To those ends, the library has built a large physical collection of over 30,000 hard copy books, learning resources and audio/visual materials. But in today's information age that is not enough. The library is constantly reviewing validated and authenticated electronic resources that will fuel our student information needs. The library currently has over thirty educational databases, such as Encyclopedia Britannica, ERIC and National Geographic installed in our state of the art Integrated Library Management System. Patrons only have to enter search terms a single time to simultaneously search all of our local library resources, over 85,000 educational websites aggregated by Follett Library Services and all of the databases mentioned above. A wealth of reliable information is available at at our students' fingertips 24/7 anywhere in the world, just by logging in to our library system. Libraries in top international schools are exciting places!

Our library Collection Development Policy aims to ensure that all patron groups' needs and wishes are reflected in our new resource acquisition practices. Students, Parents, Teachers and Non-academic Staff are all encouraged to inform the library staff of what they would like to see in the library. This leads to a balanced acquisition programme that ensures both academic and recreational needs are catered for. Heads of departments and subject coordinators throughout the school regularly liaise with the library to ensure that the library's collections continue to support our curriculum.

And for those who simply just love to go to the library and read a good book, we are continually planning ways to make the library more comfortable. Take for example, the library's new coffee shop. Parents love to congregate there, before collecting their children after school, to come and read together in the library and we have some exciting improvements planned for the future.

We actively encourage you to use our services and share with us your passion for life-long learning. To explore our resources please access our Library catalogue below:


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Last updated: 10 Jun 2015 09:35