Christmas without presents; that’s just not Christmas and Santa clearly needs help! In order to alleviate this issue, Harrow Bangkok staff, pupils and parents conjured up a plan. Money would be collected to make 500 presents which would then be presented at the YWCA Christmas party at the Rainbow House Orphanage. The debate about the presents finally ended with a decision – a blue or pink bag, containing a teddy bear, some pencil crayons and a colouring book, some snacks, plus other trinkets.

For two weeks before and after school, fundraising took place at the Clock Tower. Every person who donated 100 THB was allowed a sticker with his/her name which would be stuck on a present. Whilst this was taking place, enthusiastic parents made several trips to China Town to procure all necessary items, depositing them in the Leadership Office, which soon resembled a toy store! Before we knew it we had reached our financial target, but now, 500 presents needed to be packed.

Solution – get pupils to help. And so, all the items were strategically laid out on tables down the walkway. As pupils, parents and staff departed, each person was given a bag and asked to fill it with an item from each table, then to tie a bow, and stick on a named sticker. Hey Presto, like magic, 500 presents were ready to go!

At the same time, parents contributed to specific items required for Noh Bo academy in Mae Sot. Noh Bo is a migrant boarding school catering for many displaced Burmese Karen young people as well as local Thai Karen. Thanks to generous donations, we were able to send over 500 flip flops, 200 toothbrushes and toothpaste, shirts, jackets and toys to the children in this economically poor region of Thailand.

On Tuesday 11th December, around 20 Harrow Bangkok pupils from all sections of the school went to Rainbow House to join the party. Here, they interacted with the orphans from the YWCA, Rajavadee Girls’ home, Rajavadee Boys’ home; Kret-trakarn Girls’ home, Poomiavate Boys’ home, CCD, Wat Koo school, Mitrapab school and Salak Nua school. Harrow Bangkok parents also generously donated over 35 000 THB to purchase food and drinks for the party itself.

It is always better to give, than to receive. We would like to thank all the parents, students and staff who gave their time, effort and money to bring 500 smiles to the Bangkok orphans.


Last updated: 15 Aug 2013 16:01