True to the tradition of all the Schools in the Harrow Family, The House system is at the heart of the students’ lives at Harrow Bangkok and is cherished as a means of developing our students into becoming leaders for a better world. It encourages co-operation and friendly competition within a supportive environment and instils into the students resolve, determination, co-operation, creativity, collaboration and an awareness of the importance of community.

All Pre-Prep, Prep and Secondary students and staff are allocated to a House, all of whose names reflect leaders with courage and determination. These include the old Harrovians and statesmen Winston Churchill and Pandit Nehru (Indian’s first Prime Minister) as well as the poet Lord Byron, Thailand is honoured through its brave Queen Suriyothai and the public service of the Sonakul family and Helen Keller, who overcame physical adversity to become a renowned author and human rights campaigner, completes the esteemed group. Each of these individuals displayed qualities of leadership that we hope will inspire our young Harrovians to become the leaders of their generation.

Each House has an associated colour, on view each Thursday when pupils and staff wear their House shirts. Many school activities are House related, covering a wide and varied spectrum of interests in the Arts, Sports, Academic and Community Service fields.

In the Upper School, students who demonstrate the attributes of Leadership for a better world are recognised through the Prep Leadership Award, The Secondary House Award and the Sixth Form Harrow Prize.

By assisting with House and School events, students provide service to both the House and School. Students in each House are encouraged to be charitable in a number of ways, from fund-raising charity days to more hands on activities such as working with disadvantaged children.  The House System is based around the principle of teamwork, with each competition being the result of the skills and efforts of the House Team. Leadership is at the heart of the House System, with students being both servant leaders, as well as being able to hold a range of positions with specific responsibilities; House Captains and Deputies, Sports Captains, Form Representatives and Prefects for example. The House System is designed to provide opportunities that challenge each student in the House; the array of competitions, the range of events and the dynamics of the House community provide the mechanisms for this.

The spirit and strength of the Houses is an inimitable feature of Harrow Bangkok. The Houses play a pivotal role in a student’s development and in the Prep and Senior Schools a House based pastoral system is used, such that  they are registered by House. In the Prep School, their form tutor and Prep House Leader become the mainstays in regard to both their pastoral support and academic monitoring. The role of the Prep House Leader is then transitioned to the Head of House as students enter the Senior School from Year 9 through to Year 13 when they leave. This process gives each student, and indeed student’s family, a unique bond to their House. The role of both the Head of House and Prep House Leader is to encourage students to recognise, respond, reason, create, reflect and show resolve in both their academic pursuits and personal growth and they often oversee the welfare of several family members as they grow up through the House.

More than 40 House competitions take place over the year and the results of these culminate in the awarding of the Peter Siddon’s House Cup, which is presented on Speech Day. This is followed by the final House, and indeed School, event of the year; the House Shout. Here the whole House joins together to sing as one in a culmination of community, unity and harmony to celebrate another rich and varied school year.


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