Maggie graduated in 2010

I left Harrow Bangkok in 2010 and I went to study at the University of Arts London. I am now working as a model in my hometown Hong Kong and preparing my own design brand to be launched next year. I loved Harrow mainly because of the sweet and cosy life I had back in Harrow boarding. Had some great friends, some great teachers looking after us and last but not least, crazy and fun memories.

Isa graduated in June 2014

I left Harrow in June 2014 and I am studying International Relations at Loughborough University. Enjoying my course and making new friends. One of the my favourite thing to do is visit different cities in the UK. I miss Harrow they were the memorable times, I enjoyed time with my friends in the boarding house and in various after school activities - especially the girls touch rugby team and drama productions. We worked hard, teachers were always there for me, now at university I know Harrow prepared me well.

Ellen (ex Head Girl) graduated in June 2012

When I left Harrow in 2012 I felt sad but excited to start a new stage of my life. I took a year out to work as a gap student at a school in South London, then did a bit of working and travelling in Australia before coming to England to start Medicine at Newcastle University. I am now starting my second year, and am trying to get as much out of university life as I got out of my time at school. I loved all the activities Harrow offered - football, MUN, running, scuba diving, debating, music groups and I think taking part in those different activities at school has meant I am keen to continue to get involved with extra curricular societies at university. Though if there's one thing that has taken me by surprise since leaving Harrow it's that I did not think I would miss school lunches this much!! Two years later I still have serious cravings for yellow noodles and marinated pork from the dining hall!

Noel graduated in 2014

I left Harrow Bangkok in 2014, I am currently studying as an engineering student at UBC, Vancouver, Canada.I am aiming to specialize in Aeronautical / Mechanical engineering from my second year. I have been accepted into the Formula 1 engineering design team in UBC, designing and building a full scale formula 1 car from scratch. I am working with many great engineers as a member of the team, learning some advanced engineering skills.   I miss Harrow School a great deal, it set me up very well for my future. Thank you Harrow Bangkok!

Terry (ex Head Boy) graduated in 2013

I am currently in the second year of my Economics with Finance degree at the University of Edinburgh. Throughout last year, I have been an active member of the Edinburgh University Trading and Investment Club. Throughout the past summer break, I spent most of my time traveling between Beijing and Melbourne to meet and socialise with business owners and other professionals such as real estate agents and financial advisors, just so I could learn about their road to success and spark my motivation, as well as establishing connections. That has proven to be helpful as I have already been able to establish a partnership to open a bar in Beijing with an experienced business man. For the final two weeks of summer I traveled to Mongolia with a professional Chinese film crew and served as an extra/cameo actor on the set. Since the beginning of this academic year I have been discussing an idea for a website+iphone app, which will be developed by my group of associates. All in all, things aren't too bad at all!

Toh graduated in 2013

When I left Harrow Bangkok in June 2013, I took a gap year instead of going to the university like most of my friends did. I spent my gap year in my hometown, Vietnam and it was definitely a remarkable experience. By working at the café and tutoring piano, I had met various kinds of people and it gave me a more realistic view on the society in general. I am now a freshman at Osaka University in Japan, doing a double-major degree in Biology and Chemistry. I really like living in Japan! The people are extremely nice and the food is just extraordinary!  I miss Harrow very much, it prepared me well for my future.

Natalie graduated in 2013

Hi!  My name is Natalie Zermani from the class of 2013.  I'm currently doing my first year in BA (Hons)  Animation Production at Bournemouth.  We're learning so much and it's been incredibly hectic.  A few days ago, a raccoon arrived for the students to study and draw.  You just never know what to expect!    Missing Harrow Bangkok a lot, but found great friends here. Keep smiling!  Natalie

Lara graduated in 2003

My family and I left Harrow Bangkok in 2003. I am now working as a Geography teacher in an inner city London school and just love it! My parents (who worked at Harrow Bangkok for 18 years!) are living and working on Bratislava, Slovakia. Thank you Harrow Bangkok.  Great School!

Novera graduated in 2013

I left Harrow Bangkok in 2014 and I am a first year student at UBC right now. The workload is a lot of course but I have been settling in and adjusting so I can have a good study-work-life balance. I’ve been working in marketing for company events, participating in charity runs, catching up with other Harrovians in UBC, sightseeing on campus and eating a lot! Missing boarding and my Harrow family...

Angel graduated in 2003

I left Harrow Bangkok in 2003. Since then, I returned to my hometown in Manila, Philippines. I studied in one of the best schools here - Ateneo de Manila University. I took up BS Management and Minored in French Studies (for fun). I also studied in the Norwegian University of Life Sciences for a semester. I got to travel around Europe as well as learn more about Economics. I landed my first job as an Assistant Brand Manager for Dior, La Prairie and Sisley. Now, I am happily married, have an adorable son and have started up my own business which is a little cafe here in Manila. I really miss Harrow Bangkok. Hope I can visit the school soon. 

Suppanat graduated in 2013

I left Harrow Bangkok in 2013 and am currently studying at the University of Bath in the UK. I am helping to organise the annual Samaggi Games sponsored by the Thai Royal Family with Samaphon Chunawat (Proad) who left the same year as me. Also, being tortured by coursework. I miss Harrow Bangkok … but enjoying Bath!

Muffin graduated in 2011

I left Harrow Bangkok in 2011 where I have great fun being a boarder! I went abroad to the UK .  Now, I am doing a BA Illustration and Visual Communication course at London College of Communication (University of Arts London). Other than loads of works to do, I am good! Getting cold here in London! Winter calling! 

I really miss the time at the boarding house! I miss the school itself and everything actually.

Kind regards to everyone who remembers me!

Joy graduated in 2013

I left Harrow Bangkok in June 2013 and following my graduation I went on to become a Gap Assistant within the Early Years Department of the school. I had a fantastic year gaining valuable experience working in an educational environment. From this, I have now moved on to study Education at the University of York in England. So far, I have throughly enjoyed my time here!

Nop graduated in 2005

I left Harrow in year 2005. I finished a diploma in Biotechnology from University of Queensland, Australia, before I came back to Bangkok to finished my bachelor degree in Computer Science in 2013 from Mahidol University International College. Right now I work very closely with my father and planning to open an IT business with my friends. I am also persuing my Master degree in Creative Writing from Full Sail University, Florida USA.

Mini graduated in 2014

'I left Harrow Bangkok in 2014 to come to study at the university of British Columbia in Canada. So far, it has been a wonderful journey for me, from meeting new people from everywhere across the globe to learning to strive academically at a much more competitive environment. Most importantly, in the past few months, I have learned much more about myself as an individual, about my future goals and aspirations, due to the countless opportunities that UBC has to offers. One of the most important lessons is that taking care of yourself and being independent is not as easy as it seems, so do not take the care from your loved ones at home for granted. ' Only when I've come here that I realized how such a spoiled kid I was at the boarding house, where all I had to do was studying. The first few weeks were hectic for me as I struggled to balance my time to study, socialize, cook, clean and do everything else that follows. It has gotten much better overtime though, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be independent. I've learned to toughen up when things aren't going well and to shift my focus of life to happiness. Believe it or not most people I've met say that I'm a very optimistic person, which I love to hear! I wonder how much Harrow has changed ever since we left. I can't wait to see you again soon, Harrow was brilliant… miss everyone and everything. 

Fred graduated in 2013

I left Harrow Bangkok in 2013, since then I have been studying International Bachelor of Communication and Media at Erasmus University, unfortunately I did not enjoy the course as much as I had expected. I came back to Harrow Bangkok in 2014, as the brand new marketing gap student taking a half gap year before starting my new course Art, Culture, and Media at the University of Groningen. Now I’m back in the city (Groningen) where I spent part of my childhood, I love it, so far so good but sooner or later I need visit my Harrow Family!

Preaw graduated in 2013

I have left harrow in the year of 2013. During the first year in UK I have not yet found myself, cultural shocked have given me a real hard time. However, Im glad that I got all my highschool friend around London so I visited them often. My time in second year was adventurous, I travel to many places such as Manchester, Bristol and Newcastle and happened t found myself that I love travelling. I went to Paris, Bali and Hongkong diring the summer without and guidance. This is my last year in Kingston University, it happes to be that I really wanted to do something new, I become more opened and joined the football team and they're AMAZING. I never felt so welcome like this before, im glad that I jooned the team. These past few years and while I was at Harrow Bangkok have taught me well I have learnt how approach people wothout any awkwardness, it was hard because Im a quite person.

Riya graduated in 2014

I left Harrow Bangkok in the year 2014, and now I am studying Medicine at the University of Nottingham. Apart from the missing the hot weather and spicy food, UK is amazing. The University has a very nice support system and the faculty is very friendly and informed. Although University life is nice, I miss Harrow’s co-curricular options and teacher guidance - even when we are not in class.

Rainy graduated in 2014

I left Harrow in 2014 and I am currently reading Economics at the University of Cambridge, I am so happy to be here. It is a beautiful city with a lot of amazing people, but I think about my friends and teachers from Harrow a lot - I could never recreate the connections I made at Harrow again. It's always the little things, the 15 minutes of sleepy morning conversations in tutor group (because I don't get that kind of break anymore), awkward compulsory bonding games that are always fun if you let yourself enjoy it, or cookies in Mrs Prout's fridge. I also miss the younger students that I have taught or made connections with in my last years at Harrow, and I hope that they are still pursuing their interests with fervour, whether or not these interests are academic. Make the most of it, I didn't believe them when I was told how quickly it's all going to fly by, but I hope you are wiser than I was. Harrow's community left a big mark in my heart, and it will always be a part of me. See you in when I am back in Thailand!

Jason graduated in 2006

I was in Byron house and left Harrow Bangkok in 2006 halfway through year 12 to start dental school at Rangsit University. I graduated in 2012 with first class honors, ranked second in my graduating class, and was the class president for the final 3 years of dental school. At the moment, I am halfway through my residency program in Prosthodontics (a field of dentistry related with making crowns, dentures, and implant dentistry) at the University of Minnesota, USA. I am also working on a research project so that I can receive my masters degree upon completion of my residency in 2016 as well.

Alm graduated in 2010

I am delighted to tell you I have received a scholarship from the Prince Mahidol Award Youth Programme, one of the highest honours for a medical student in Thailand, and one of the most competitive processes. They award five scholarship each year for the most eligible medical students who show both academic excellence and willingness to give back to the society. The successful applicants obtain a scholarship for research study, professional training or community development abroad or in Thailand. My scholarship enables me to conduct a research study abroad at a place of my choice next year. After that I will received ongoing support from the foundation to pursue further speciality training of my choice. My proposed research topic is ‘Modulating hyperglycemic memory using epigenetic: Future Direction of Diabetic Vasculopathy Research’.

Ernestine graduated in 2011

Coming back to my second home - Harrow Bangkok - after five years away and seeing the sport fields, the Clock Tower, the Boarding Houses, the Dining Hall, makes me feel so much like I am back home.I have been working for almost two years now since I graduated from college. While working, I have met all sorts of people, some of them lovely, but also some not so nice, which makes me appreciate how pure and innocent we were in Harrow Bangkok.I am so grateful to my parents who wanted to send me and my two brothers to Harrow Bangkok instead of the local school in Hong Kong, as they wanted us to explore our other talents apart from studying. During my time at Harrow Bangkok, I became very interested in music and drama; having the opportunities to attend concerts and productions made me more and more confident and loving my hobbies. So much so that I chose to study drama at college and now I'm an actress in Hong Kong.Harrow Bangkok is not only a place to study but also a place to explore your strengths in other areas which makes you a more well-rounded character when you're out in the society. I'm very glad and proud that Harrow Bangkok is expanding and improving every year to let us, the Harrovians be better and better.



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