Posted: Tuesday, Aug 22, 2017

Harrow Bangkok’s students have achieved the strongest set of A Level results in the history of the School, to the delight of the whole Harrow Community.


The students have all now received their results:


  • 61% of all the A Levels sat achieved A* or A grades
  • One in three students were awarded A* or A grades in all of their subjects
  • 41% achieved 3 or more A* or A grades



Straight A*s – and top universities


Seven students won A* grades in all of their subjects. Of these one has secured a place at Oxford University, two at the University of Pennsylvania and another at The London School of Economics.


A total of fifteen students have secured places at Imperial College London, University College London and The London School of Economics.





Headmaster Michael Farley said:

‘I was delighted to witness the distribution of the 2017 exam results this morning and see so many of our young super stars thrilled by their achievements and the certainty that they’ll now be enrolling in their university of choice.


This record breaking set of results comes as no surprise; there’s been a tremendous amount of hard work from the students and skilled support from our Harrow staff. That said, to achieve 61% A* and A grades at A Level compares very well with top tier UK independent schools and demonstrates that Harrow Bangkok, as the oldest British independent school overseas, has matured into a world class institution.


It’s worth noting that our approach is not to academically ‘hot house’. We admit children with a range of abilities and provide a ‘broad’ education with emphasis also placed on the arts, sport and development of attributes such as integrity, resilience and compassion.


These results confirm that our students are realising their potential and leaving us with a very bright future in prospect.



David Foster, Director of Studies, said:

I am extremely proud of the accomplishments of all of our students in reaching such high standards with their A Level grades today.  I wish them well at their chosen universities around the world and look forward to welcoming them back to Harrow Bangkok as Alumni students.  The academic success achieved by all these students will help provide inspiration for examination students to follow.  It goes to show that with the right effort and attitude, there are no limits.’



Karen Prout, Head of Sixth Form, said:

An exceptional set of results from an exceptional group of students. It has been a pleasure to oversee their academic progress over the last two years as their Head of Sixth Form and I am extremely proud of their success in securing places at highly competitive universities worldwide for undergraduate studies. I look forward to hearing of their continued successes in the future.’



Jonny Liddell, Head of Upper School, said:

‘This is another milestone for Harrow Bangkok with yet another record set of results. This does not happen by accident. Our dedicated team of teachers continuously go the extra mile, supporting students in examination preparation and the development of the wider self. Our approach ensures that they not only get the grades to enter top universities globally but also thrive in further study and beyond.’



Harrow Bangkok once again congratulates pupils for their hard work and for the parental support.


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