Posted: Wednesday, Sep 13, 2017
Author: Dr Tim Jefferis

A good number of the boarders at Harrow Bangkok are full boarders - they stay in school over the weekends, only returning home for major holidays. I was lucky enough to spend my first weekend in the Boarding Community, shadowing the full boarders as they went about their business. Here's a brief account of what we got up to. 

The weekend kicked off on Friday evening, after supper, with some party games. Well over 50 of us played a giant game of musical chairs. The Hub was filled with the din of laughter, excited chatter and the scraping of chairs as we were whittled down to the last few remaining competitors. Once the victor had been established, we moved on to a quick succession of other games, all designed to get us talking to each other and to make the newcomers feel welcome. The finale was a game that involved throwing a raw egg from one partner to another over ever increasing distances (with inevitable, side-splitting, consequences for the butter-fingered!). We retired to bed with the warm sense of satisfaction that attends an evening well spent amongst friends.

In the morning, after a sumptuous breakfast, a group of hardy souls ventured out into the morning sun for an impromptu game of football on the field (boarders always have a supply of willing playmates with whom to make the most of the best-in-Thailand facilities on their doorstep). The less actively inclined relaxed and readied themselves for the afternoon trip. After an early lunch we were whisked off to 'Escape' in central Bangkok. Here groups were set the task of escaping from their respective rooms within a 45-minute time limit. My group was shepherded into a pitch black room, decked out with a Mission Impossible style laser maze through which we had to affect our escape. After struggling with an array of cryptic clues and fiddling with a seemingly endless number of combination locks (I was no use at all!), we escaped from our room with only minutes to spare. Once everyone had managed to escape, and we'd finished patting each other on the back, I headed off for some bowling with some of the younger boarders. Others went off to buy ingredients for the ‘Bake Off', on the Boarding Programme for Sunday. With bowling complete, my group got ourselves an ice cream and we all got on the bus back to school. The evening was taken up with another lovely meal, some basketball in the gym or some reading and a film for those in need of a rest.

In the morning each House laid on its own 'lazy breakfast' (teenagers like a lie-in!) to which boarders trooped down in their pajamas. After House meetings, work started on the Bake Off Challenge: House kitchens were abuzz as contestants chopped, stirred, mashed and titivated their creations. After lunch, the judging took place. Bradbys produced an enormous apple pie, the Grove a meaty lasagne and West Acre a selection of delicately decorated cupcakes. Having been nominated as the judge, it fell to me to sample each entry (tough job, this!) and then announce the winner. I plumped for the lasagne in the end - a complicated and inventive dish. 

The weekend drew to a close with a swim, after which weekly boarders started to reappear and our thoughts turned to the week ahead. With Houses fully reassembled, notices were promulgated and some quiet time was set aside to catch up with school work before heading off, pleasantly refreshed, for bed.

After a great weekend we were primed and ready to face the travails of the working week in the morning.


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